What Are Non Slip Shoes? Risks And Benefits

What Are Non Slip Shoes?

What are non slip shoes?

Non Slip shoes as the name indicated are slip resistant shoes specially designed for increasing the friction between feet and the floor surface to avoid any slip or falling. Not every pair of shoes is nonslippery but certain parameters make shoes a ‘non-slip shoe’.

Non slip shoes are not used for a particular purpose rather it’s a general sort of shoes means to say that these are not limited to any brand like Nike shoes or for special shoes like Running Shoes which are specialized for running. Almost all big brands make slip-resistant shoes.

Mostly, Non slip Shoes in the market claim to pass the International ASTM Standards, which indicates that they are tested for being slip-resistant. Unlike regular shoes, anti-slip shoes have an especially designed outsole having a unique treaded structure that helps feet to have a strong grip on the floor.

How Can You Tell If Shoes are Non slip?

There are certain parameters and indications discussed below which can tell you if your shoes are Non-Slip or Not.

Outsole Design

The first and most important feature that can help you to recognize if shoes are slip resistant or not is Its Outsole Design. If the outsole is flat, shoes are slippery and won’t protect you against falling. If the Outsole of the shoes is treaded having circle or hexagonal knob-like structure or have grooves, then it indicates that shoes are slip resistant.

non slip shoes outsole design

Tread design or smaller grooves on the outsole guide fluid and any waxy substance to go outside from under the shoes. It’s fact that a flat sole maximizes the contact between shoes and floor/surface and this way, on a waxy surface more fluid will be underneath your shoes and it creates more chances of slip by reducing friction.

But, Non Slip shoes just work oppositely, grooves/depressions on the sole will channelize fluid to get out from the area under the shoes and lower the contact between the slippery fluid and sole ultimately increasing the friction.

Well, smaller will be tread structure, it will make shoes more slip-resistant. Wider grooves will maximize the contact surface and more slippery will be the shoes.

Shoe Details

Manufacturers always mention that if shoes are non-slip or not. By reading shoe details provided by the manufacturer you can easily find out whether the company is mentioning it as slip-resistant or not. Moreover, you can also find out ASTM Standards in the description, which shows the ability of footwear to resist slip.

Other than description, reviews about shoes can also help to find out whether shoes are slip resistant or not.


No way is more trustworthy as testing shoes by yourself. Get your shoes on your feet and have a test drive to evaluate that how strong your is grip on the floor. Stronger grip less will be chances of falling and slipping.

Risks of Not having Non Slip shoes

If you’re a medical doctor, restaurant worker, teacher, or in any field where you spend most of your time on your feet, in that case not having a pair of non-slip shoes can be a cause of the tragedy.

  1. High Risk Of Falling
  2. Difficulty in Walking on a wet floor
  3. Not able to take a sudden turn
  4. High chances of slip on the marble
  5. Physical diseases of feet (fracture or sprint)

That is why we recommend having best slip resistant shoes to prevent slipping in daily routine.

Best Non Slip Shoes

We have a complete guide on Best Non Slip Shoes that can help you to dig further in to select best suited shoes according to your needs.

Best Non Slip Shoes For Mens

Best Non Slip Shoes For Women

You can also check best slip resistant shoes for men and best non slip shoes for women separately on above mentioned guide.

Benefits of Having Slip Resistant Shoes

Having a pair of non-slip shoes makes your life easy in a few ways mentioned as follows.

  1. Low risk of falling
  2. Strong grip on the floor
  3. Healthy Walking
  4. Easy to take Sudden turn
  5. Fewer chances of ankle sprint
  6. Ideal for outdoor activities

How To Make Shoes Non Slip

First of all, consider buying a new pair of anti slip shoes because the quality from the experts can’t be matched. Some DIY methods to make shoes non slip are mentioned as follow

  1. Glue two straps on the outsole preferably on the front and heel side
  2. Embed small knobs on the outsole
  3. Make Outsole surface uneven by scratching

How do Non Slip Shoes Work?

Non slip shoes have grooves or spikes on the sole that reduce the contact area between shoes and floor. This also increase the friction and ultimately makes the grip stronger on floor.


What does Slip Resistant means in shoes?

Slip resistant is the ability of shoes to resist slipping on floors. No shoes are hundred percent slip resistant but generally shoes that have more traction or grip on floor are called as slip resistant.

Are Non Slip And Slip Resistant same?

Yes, Slip resistant shoes are also called as non slip shoes and anti slip shoes.

 Are Nike Shoes Non Slip?

Not all Nike Shoes are Non Slip but most of their fitness and walking shoes are slip resistant. Make sure by reading the description of the style you want to purchase.

Are Running Shoes Non Slip?

Yes, Almost all running shoes are non-slip. You can make sure by reading out product details of shoes you want to buy. Mostly Runnig shoes with grooves on outsole are slip resistant. 

Are Non Slip Shoes good for ice?

Yes, ice being more slippery surface require stronger grip. So, non slip shoes can be good choice for ice. 

Are Non slip shoes cheap?

It depends on the type and brand of shoes. Usually non slip shoes are not cheaper than regular flat sole shoes. Skechers shoes are considered as cheaper than other expensive brands.

Which Brands make slip resistant shoes?

Crocs, Skechers are two well known brands for making non slip shoes but other famous brands like Nike, New Balance, Filla and Vans also launch some non skid editions.

Where to buy Non slip shoes?

 You can buy non-slip shoes from online stores like Amazon and Walmart, you can also buy from a local market.

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