6 Easiest Ways to Make Shoes Non Slip in 2022

Do you know about three fatal injuries occurred at a Singaporean Workspace due to trips and falls in 2020? While these ratios leaped to 9 back in 2015! In the past slip-resistant shoes were only subjected at the industrial level. But due to supplement in the labor force. And the increment in the number of jobs these often wear non slip shoes has grasped a must wear position for employees.

How to Make Shoes Non-Slip

Getting your shoe slip-resistant will not only minimize your chances of slip accidents but is also a cost-effective alternative. Do you want to invest in AFFORDABLE slip-resistant soles? Or desire money credited from your card to a hospital for your fatal injury caused by slip accidents? The choice is all yours.

The main aim of this article is to equip our working employees with the best yet cheap solution to make their shoes non-slip.

 These are some of the common questions that have brain fogged many of the employees particularly those serving in restaurants, refineries, and industries. If you are one of them then you should conclude for making your shoe slip-resistant.

Why Do You Need To Wear Non Slip Shoes?

You must have heard from your coworkers or family; “hey why do you require to make your shoes non slip?” and when your custom shoes if used carefully can complete the goal? Let me assist you with this perilously underestimated dilemma.

Why do we wear a seatbelt while driving? Why a helmet is a must while riding? Why do you need to wear shoes while you can walk bare feet?

Your possible answer would be because safety measures should be taken into account while riding, driving, or even using the pedestrian’s path. The same goes for the slip-resistant soles, the custom shoes might be useful for you to have a jog at the dawn but at your hectic job that requires agility with focus, slip-resistant shoes are the only door open for you.

Non-slip shoes are designed in a way to accommodate maximum satisfaction with top security. Wearing non-slip shoes not only provides and boosts your self-esteem but also drives you to work even harder and it allows you to accomplish your tasks more easily in less time.

Contradict to this situation, sticking with your custom shoes will give you a tough time while managing your chores, apart from demolishing your confidence, slippery shoes will decrease your working coordination hence ending you up in numerous tasks left undone

So by advancing in non-slip resistant shoes, you are getting not one or two but numerous benefits! Who neglects such a profitable contract?

So Below are the Top Proven DIY ways on how to make shoes Non Slip that will surely heighten your working experience and furnish you with confidence while walking in your working environment.

Can You Make Shoes Non Slip?

Yes, you can make shoes slip resistant at home. But having a professional non slip work shoes can never be replaced. Somehow, making shoes slip resistant will help you while doing kitchen work, going outside for walking and in that case if you’re short on budget.

Ways to Make Shoes Non Slip Or Slip Resistant

1.   Spray to make shoes non-slip

If you are a sportsman then you might have witnessed the slips and falls on your basketball courts. Or on tiled sports arenas with your new shoes.

To assist your shoes with solid grip and to prevent you from falling off, traction sprays are used.  Contrary to slip pads, traction sprays are cost-effective.

How to make shoes non-slip by traction sprays?

The traction spray sprays a thin layer of film that aids in holding a solid grip. The time of the grip depends upon the quality of the spray. With time and use, the film on your sole might worn out so it’s not a permanent solution. But don’t worry you can easily spray your sole again to get the grip rolling again.

2.   Try scuffing the soles of your shoes

This DIY tip is a huge accomplishment for those who are ready to get better traction with their work shoes or boots. This method works on the laws of friction. Rubbing or scuffing your boot’s sole will induce abrasions or nooks on your sole, abrasions play a healthy role in producing friction against the ground. And high resistance means a good grip, see!

How to make shoes non-slip by scuffing?

You can scrape the bottom of your sole by rubbing it against some abrasive surfaces like concrete walls, gravel, or your driveway paths, this might sound insane or like gambling, you’re appearing but remember scuffing your shoes in a public area might invite visitors but it is far better than slipping where your shame surpasses the pain.

3.   Grip pads for shoes

Grip pads for shoes are another prominent way to utilize your money in preventing you from falling off! These are the textured pads that can stick on your sole to improve the traction of your boots. If you have already worn out shoes then investing in grip pads will be a money-saving option since they are quite affordable than purchasing a new pair of shoes.

How to make shoes non-slip by grip pads?

Initiate by locating the area of your sole that mostly comes in contact with the ground, proceeding further, peel off the sticker on the grip pads, lastly apply the adhesive sticker on your sole and you are good to go to have a nice confident walk.

4.   Glue and Salt Method

Glue and salt method is not for professional work, but it makes shoes non slip for house or kitchen. The method is really simple that works on the priniciple of scuffing. 

How to make shoes slip resistant by using Glue?

  • Clean the soles of shoes
  • Spread some salt on soles
  • Draw Tread on soles with marker
  • Add glue on those lines with hot  glue gun
  • let the glue dry.

5.   Using Sandpapers

rub sandpaper on shoes

Have you ever seen a painter scuffing the wall with sandpaper to make the paint in contact with the wall?

The same principle is applied here. If scraping your soles does not suit you. Or spraying traction sprays does not meet your needs, then an abrasive like Sandpaper is a likable substitute to make shoes slip-resistant. And the best part is that you don’t have to wait impatiently for your sole to wear down naturally.

How to make shoes non-slip by sandpapers?

Simply take off your shoes followed by determining the area where the sandpaper needs to be applied. Examine those areas that come in complete association with the terrain when you walk. Finally, apply or rub the sandpaper on these areas.

Note: Do not overdo the scuffing process as it will completely wear off your sole. Moreover, all soles should not be dealt with the same sandpapers, usually, a 50 grit works fine for most of the soles yet some shoes necessitates more or less than a 50 grit sandpaper

6.   Slip-resistant Sole Cover 

Yet the most effective DIY on how to make shoes non-slip is by applying readymade slip-resistant soles covers or protectors out there in the market. Slip-resistant soles are specially made for your shoes hence their productivity level and durability surpass all of the DIYs on how to make shoes non-slip.

slip resistant shoes

The slip-resistant sole protectors come in a variety of sizes, whether you’re a housewife working in a busy kitchen or an industrial employee this method is the best fitting and long-lasting.

How to make shoes non-slip by slip-resistant soles?

Explore for the best top-quality slip-resistant soles in the market, check the measurement for your sole, order an adhesive to stick the sole on the bottom. First starts cleaning the surface of your shoes for better stickiness then carefully apply the adhesive on your slip-resistant sole. Lastly, attach your slip-resistant sole to your sole. And say a big NO to trips, tracks, and falls.

Making Shoes Less Slippery At Home 


Frequently Asked Questions 

How to make shoes non-slip on ice?

You can try one of above methods but non slip rubber pads will be best for making shoes slip resistant on ice. The best method is to put on ice cleats while walking on snow.

How to make slippery shoes non-slip for the kitchen?

In kitchen oil on the floor is one of top reasons for slipping. So, rubbing shoes with sandpaper will make it best to protect from slippage. You can also check best non slip shoes for chefs and kitchen work.

How to make shoes non-slip for the hospital?

You can use grip pads for making shoes non-slip in the hospital. We recommend to have a pair of professional non slip work shoes if you’re a healthcare worker.

How to make Shoes less slippery for restaurant?

You can try grip pads and anti slip soles for making shoes anti slip in restaurant. We recommend to have a pair of non slip shoes for work.

What makes a Shoe Non Slip?

A spikes on the sole and projections of the tread makes a shoe slip resistant.These spikes reduce contact area of sole and increase friction that makes shoe less slippery.

What Are Top Non Slip Brands?

Crocs and Skechers are leading Shoe Brands that offer non slip shoes. Others Brands like Nike, Vans, New Balance and Filla also release some slip resistant editions.

Final Verdict

Non-slip shoes offer you safety and that’s the main aim that you should take into account. Working as a worker, you should always put your safety first on the priority list. Most workers, to save some pennies works with slippery shoes and they end up booking a bed for themselves in a hospital. Do you desire to be one of them?

Increased working efficiency with elevated confidence and not to forget top safety, is all accompanied within an affordable buying budget.

Last Updated Feb 25, 2022

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